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Altis elevates your WordPress experience with flexible cloud hosting and sophisticated marketing tools to supercharge your website.

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The Altis team has spent more than a decade helping build WordPress and enabling clients to get the most out of it. All this experience has been funnelled into the creation of Altis. Experience control over your site and its content like never before.


The most flexible cloud host for WordPress sites

Altis Cloud is built different. WordPress cloud hosting designed to put you back in charge of your site. With scalability, advanced security and flexibility guaranteed.

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Next-level marketing tools for WordPress

What if every visitor to your site received a bespoke experience? Plug and play advanced personalisation, sophisticated content testing and native reporting to transform your performance.

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Altis brings WordPress to life. User-focused cloud hosting puts developers back in control of their sites while marketers are empowered to deliver meaningful, personalised and effective content to their audiences.

“Altis enabled a huge digital transformation in our business, helping us manage our web properties effectively and in a way which gives us the confidence to innovate and drive growth.”

Marcus Bitter, Head of Digital Operations & Product
ServusTV, Red Bull Media House

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