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Publishing Experience

Enhancing editorial possibilities on WordPress

Empower your publishing teams to execute more efficiently. Collaborate effortlessly, avoid publishing errors, and make file management a breeze with visual content creation, auditing, and productivity tools for WordPress.

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Make WordPress your home for publishing

Consolidate your organisations, sites, brands, workflows and assorted business assets into one centralised location. Provide individual teams with autonomy while staying in the loop.

Save time with intelligent media management

Allow for the sharing of digital assets across multiple sites with Global Media Library. Ensure delivery of specialised images to different channels of your pipeline. Machine learning analyses your images and provides automatic image cropping options.

Content quality control with publication checklists

Enhance business processes, support legal compliance, and automate quality control. Prevent going live with mistakes and disable publishing until the checklist has been completed.

Safely amend and update existing content

Allow for content reviews with our amendments. Keep old content published while new amendments are being created. Quickly create variations of content using our content cloning tool.

“We’re delighted with our Altis experience: it’s made everyday processes and workflows faster, more efficient, and much, much more enjoyable than they were previously.”

Stefan Weger, Head of Digital, ServusTV

Work smarter. Link your workflows to and from WordPress.

Increase productivity and transparency between content creators, editors, and designers with complete control over internal workflow and communication. Have notifications delivered to Slack, email, or inside your WordPress admin panel.

Attribute content authorship transparently

Add multiple users as authors on posts and keep better track of their contributions. Show attribution and authorship for more team members involved in your content’s production.

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Case Study

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Discover how Altis boosted website performance for Snopes’ 12–20 million monthly visitors with a time-sensitive migration to the Altis digital experience platform.

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