Altis Cloud

WordPress hosting built different

Designed to deliver a new era of WordPress hosting, Altis Cloud is the world’s most advanced WordPress hosting platform. By focusing on flexibility and the features that matter most, we’re putting developers back in control of their sites.

20 billion page views in 2021 for some of the internet’s largest sites.

Hosting from the builders of WordPress

Our team of world-class developers is made up of contributors to WordPress core. Put your website in the hands of the people that helped build
the world’s most popular CMS.

Starting a new WordPress client project with a fully integrated development environment, testing, workflow deployment & rock-solid hosting in 45 seconds is a game-changer.

Mike Little, Co-Founder of WordPress

I’ve used many WordPress platforms, and none of them were up to scratch. We created Altis to meet our own needs, cutting no corners to build the best platform to build and deliver complex projects.

Ryan McCue, Co-Creator WordPress REST API

Altis is designed to address the reasons developers often feel blocked by their WordPress host

Fully integrated, straight out of the box 

Altis provides a fully integrated system with vital tools available immediately, as standard. Developers benefit from instant access to tools such as X-Ray, Query Monitor, Tachyon, as well as our integrated CDN, which uses Amazon’s global network.

Multi-server architecture to support growth

Unlike many hosts, Altis environments have dedicated decoupled servers for PHP, MySQL and Redis. Altis automatically responds to traffic spikes and site growth, removing performance concerns and enabling your site to scale effectively.


Altis comes with high availability and dedicated single-customer environments as standard. Clients across every tier of our platform benefit from architectures designed to avoid single points of failure, and guaranteed uptimes.


Altis pricing is based on page views, meaning you only pay for people visiting your site. Autoscaling kicks in to respond to traffic spikes and growth in real-time, which keeps your site performant and eliminates the need for manual monitoring.

The WordPress host that gives you more

Altis Cloud provides more out of the box than any other hosting solution, making it the ideal hosting platform for businesses and enterprises. Designed to scale with your needs.

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Market StandardAltis Cloud
PricingBased on monthly visitors and fixed hardware allocationsBased on annual visitor limits with highly scalable architecture
AvailabilityHigh availability an additional and often unannounced costAll plans include high availability
ServersSingle-server architecture requiring close managementMulti-server autoscaling, no monitoring required
SecurityHigher risk of DDoS attacks with shared serversDedicated environment, DDoS protection and WAF
Developer InsightsNot included, costly add-ons and manual setupIntegrated tools included as standard
Disaster RecoveryRTO & RPO may not be specified and may be hours or daysRTO & RPO specified per plan, in minutes or seconds
Image OptimisationRequires third-party software installationTachyon included already integrated with CDN and other advanced media tools

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