Make every touchpoint matter

Deliver highly relevant content and personalized digital experiences that drive greater customer engagement across all your channels.

Altis empowers marketers to create, manage and measure the performance of personalized content across the customer journey.

Altis UI to create audiences for personalization in WordPress

Create audiences

Audiences are defined as any group of users visiting your website that fit a specific criteria. This criteria can include a huge range and combination of factors from location to behavior, from browser to device type.

  • Group visitors into audiences
  • Personalize content for audiences
  • Understand how audiences respond
  • Tweak your messaging for distinct audiences
  • Optimize experiences for different groups

Segment audiences

Audiences enable you to create and target multiple groups of website visitors, serving them with tailored and personalized content.

Using the first-party data in Altis’ Native Analytics, anyone in your team can easily, and without any engineering-expertise, group visitors that fall into specific criteria.

With this feature your marketing team can create audiences from those groups of visitors and deliver targeted experiences and messages to any number and combination of audiences.

Audience statistics
Personalization for WordPress in the Block Editor

Build with blocks

In Altis, just like in the WordPress CMS, pages are built from blocks using the Block Editor.

When you’re building content blocks for personalized experiences, and after you’ve created your audiences, you can save these as reusable blocks.

This makes it fast and easy to create, manage, and edit content and experiences for diverse audiences globally.


Personalization can help you get closer to your customer, encouraging them to act and engage with your brand more authentically.

With an intuitive previewing feature familiar to everyone, Altis’ Experience Blocks enable you to easily preview what these experiences will look and feel like for all your different audiences. You simply update, preview, and toggle between your audiences in a tab on the frontend.

Personalized WordPress page
Text, Label, Symbol

Device targeting

Show different content and calls-to-action depending on the user’s device.

Astronomy, Outer Space, Space


Show different content and calls-to-action depending on the user’s location at this time.

Analog Clock, Clock, Architecture


Show different content and calls-to-action depending on the time of day, week day and custom dates.

Hammer, Tool, Text

DMP integration

Integrate your third-party demographic segments (Lotame, Treasure Data etc) to display personalized content.

Hand, Hammer, Tool

User settings integration (CDP)

Use your first-party user data or segments to display personalized content.

Light, Lightbulb

Machine learning models

Personalize content based off the scores your machine learning models return.

“Everything is a block”

Experience Blocks can hold multiple content blocks with an associated display logic, and enable you to connect audience segments or integrate external audiences tools, with an extensible API.

You can also separate content variations and confidently deliver the most relevant content from Altis, enabling multivariate testing and supporting marketers and editors in fast and effective content experimentation.

Generate insights, drive ROI

Generating meaningful insights on your audience and offering privacy-aware personalization has a significant impact on the bottom line:

  • 72% of customers will share good experiences with their peers, introducing new revenue streams.
  • 2/3 will even pay a premium for superior experiences.
  • 58% of millennials are happy to share personal data to power personalized product recommendations.

Why personalize content?

Customers expect personalization. Salesforce Research surveyed over 6,700 consumers and business buyers globally – the results speak for themselves:

  • Customers are 2.1x more likely to view personalized offers.
  • 59% value tailored engagement based on past interactions.
  • 84% expect to be treated like a person, not a number.

Experience Blocks FAQ

Is personalization on Altis driven by user behavior?

Yes, Experience Blocks relies on Altis’ Native Analytics, a comprehensive first-party analytics solution powering data-driven experiences.

Is personalization on Altis GDPR-compliant?

Altis’ Native Analytics securely collects and processes traffic while keeping all user data private. This simplifies compliance with privacy and data laws and regulation like GDPR and CCPA.

Does Google crawl personalized content?

No, the Google bot won’t match any of the defined Audiences for a block, so it will crawl the fallback content.

Does personalization on Altis rely on third-party cookies?

No, Altis’ personalization fully relies on first-party data captured via Native Analytics.

How does Experience Blocks handle AMP?

Experience Blocks currently does not support AMP. In a future iteration, it will degrade gracefully to the fallback content.

Does personalization come with additional charges?

Personalization is included as part of the platform with no additional charges.

Read our FAQ on data privacy and personalization