Experience Blocks

Introducing Experience Blocks, transforming WordPress from a CMS to a DXP

As organizations increasingly become digital, marketing and customer experience initiatives are becoming more tightly integrated into online activities. The ability to personalize content being displayed based on audience data, demographics, behavior and beyond is core to the transition from Content Management System (CMS) to Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Doing this successfully across multiple channels is what we commonly refer to as digital experience.

As Altis evolves from a powerful CMS to a best-in-class DXP, it needs to be augmented and extended with the personalization and experimentation tools required to drive brand engagement and conversion. This is what it takes to remain competitive and grow brands online.

With the above in mind, we’re excited to announce Experience Blocks: our solution to personalization and experimentation inside WordPress. We think this is an evolutionary and innovative next step as we push WordPress into the DXP era. Experience Blocks can be considered super blocks – a block of blocks that serves as a dynamic lifecycle container for tailored content.

Experience Blocks are the interface and engine between the two worlds that DXPs so well differentiate: audience and presentation.

On one hand, enterprises now have access to rich audience and demographic data, enabling them to map audience segments to specific content (i.e. personalization).

Visualization: external Data Management Platform (DMP) informing Experience Blocks with audience data
Illustration demonstrating how content is mapped to segmented audiences

And on the other, they’re understanding visitor demographics in order to provide real-time personalization, and gaining a deeper understanding of how well their content is performing.

Visualization: Experience Blocks displaying personalized content based on audience data (device, demographics, interest etc)
Illustration demonstrating the complete cycle of segmented performance data

Experience Blocks have the following features:

  • Experience Blocks are lifecycle containers, holding multiple WordPress Gutenberg blocks with an associated display logic. They can either be used for personalization or experimentation.
  • Experience Blocks are tightly coupled with the Altis Analytics layer, so that any assumption, experiment or personalized experience comes full circle with engagement metrics – helping drive business value continuously.
  • Experience Blocks have an API for data management platforms (DMP) where they connect their audience segments (usually a combination of demographics). In turn, the presentation layer connects with the DMP to retrieve the audience segment and then serve the most relevant content block from Altis.
  • Experience Blocks can be distributed to many parts of the website instantly, breaking out of the page paradigm and empowering your digital campaigns.
  • Experience Blocks have a defined lifecycle: multivariate experiments hitting statistical significance, a campaign hitting end-of-life, or being open-ended.
  • Experience Blocks are GDPR compliant. Using a collection of opt-in/opt-out mechanisms, organizations can adapt the solution to meet their privacy framework.

Existing Altis clients can expect to be able to start using Experience Blocks as a beta feature in Q4 of 2019.

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