FAQ: personalization & privacy

Does personalization on Altis rely on first-party data?

Yes, personalization with Experience Blocks relies on a foundational data layer we call Native Analytics. It securely collects and processes traffic through the Altis Cloud infrastructure while keeping all user data private. This simplifies compliance with privacy and data laws and regulation like GDPR, CCPA.

Does personalization on Altis rely on third-party cookies?

No, personalization on Altis fully relies on first-party data captured via Native Analytics. You control all data collection yourself without sending it off to third parties outside of your existing data silo.

Technically, Altis Analytics captures data via localStorage, not cookies. But what counts in the context of privacy is that it is definitely first-party. For example, Google’s plans for blocking third-party cookies in 2020 will not affect personalization on Altis.

Can we extend Altis Analytics to capture more data?

Yes, extensibility is one of Altis’ key benefits. Developers can add custom attributes and metrics to the analytics data structure, as well as extend the data retention period.

Does Altis Analytics collect any personal data, or personally identifiable information (PII)?

Between the two terms, “personal data” in the definition of the GDPR covers a broader range of data than PII, namely: “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. Two examples cited in the definition are “location data” as well as “an online identifier” (like, for example, an IP address).

Altis Analytics collects broad data about users, such as the country of origin. It does not, by default, record a visitor’s IP address. However, user IDs for logged-in users are tracked, and pseudonymous identifiers are created for visitors; these pieces of data allow connecting data to an individual person, and hence count as personal data. See our data structure documentation and data privacy page for details.

By default, none of the data collected by Altis Analytics is shared with any third party.

Does Human Made provide a Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

Yes, as the company behind Altis, Human Made does provide a Data Processing Agreement for clients.