Marketing Personalisation

Make every touchpoint matter

Deliver personalised content and contextualised experiences that engage across all your digital channels.

A powerful set of features driving the only native WordPress personalisation solution:

Build dynamic audiences

Segment new and returning site visitors by sets of rules that you define based on interests, location, device type, past interactions, and many other variables.

  • Users will move dynamically between audiences as their behaviour changes
  • Visualise the percentage of total visitors made up by each audience
  • Present each audience with whatever content best serves them

Show only relevant content with Experience Blocks

Create, present, and measure content that’s tailored to your specific audience segments in block-sized chunks or entire pages.

  • Create numerous variations on pieces of content based on each segment’s requirements
  • Experience Block Insights gives you valuable data on the performance of your content
  • Conduct experiments with multivariate content testing and implement the winner

Take action with Altis Analytics

Adjust your personalised content according to detailed user data from across all your websites

  • Track content performance and revise based on audience behaviour analytics 
  • Machine learning responds to user data and can automatically optimise your content
  • Let the numbers decide what content is best for your audiences


of consumers

are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences.


of consumers

will go to Amazon if the brand they’re shopping with doesn’t provide relevant product suggestions.


of digital businesses

are investing in personalisation, including Coca-Cola, Fabletics, Netflix, Sephora, USAA, and Wells Fargo.

The power of personalisation is easy with Altis

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