Empower developers and content creators equally

We believe great content and the technology that powers it are equally fundamental to a delightful experience.

On Altis, we are committed to deliver consumer-grade visual interfaces with enterprise-grade developer tools, security and performance.

We do this to empower companies to create the most ideal digital experience platform possible for a company’s individual workforce.

Prioritize extensibility over turnkey solutions

We believe there is a diverse abundance of possible means to almost every end, and we don’t assume the way we envision a particular solution will necessarily work for everyone else.

While the features we build into Altis can always be used ‘out of the box’, they are also designed to inspire further innovation and creativity.

Provide a centralized, seamless and open platform

We provide a DXP core and facilitate a flourishing ecosystem with great partners to also provide a well-rounded and seamless DXP suite, with the objective of creating a unified and cohesive user experience.

Guide and protect users

As experts in our field, we consider it imperative to own the implications of the technology we create.

We carefully decide what we allow our users to do and see in Altis, for security and performance reasons.

Use the right tool for the job

With Altis, we seek to drive competitive advantages and growth by leveraging emerging technologies such as machine learning and AI in manners that are able to speak to the bottom-line.

We strive to integrate with best-in-breed technology, but we are pragmatic when deciding what solution to implement. We do so in the interest of our customers.

Enable rapid time to market

We rely on agile methodologies, a high starting point (WordPress and Altis), great documentation and experienced service partners. This enables us to achieve immediate performance and rapid, data-driven iteration.

With this objective in mind, we prefer ‘augmenting’ Altis, utilizing existing code and solutions when possible and replacing them only when it makes sense.

Strive for an open, accessible web

We want to be influential on the final experiences presented to end-users and want our customers and partners to share into a combined vision of what a better web looks like.

We believe this is not only beneficial for society and the health of the web in general but also can help ensure commercially viable long-term strategies for our customers.

Enable engagement

We empower our clients with tools that help them engage their audiences in authentic, meaningful ways and build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Build on and beyond WordPress

We maintain a visible relationship back to the WordPress open-source software and are committed to help leverage the global WordPress brand with our growing enterprise Altis brand to create a competitive DXP that customers can understand and relate to.

Default to transparency

We’re building Altis to be transparent with its customers and partners: from extensive documentation, status board and accessible Altis stakeholders to public postmortems, open conversation and forward-looking roadmaps, we seek clarity and honesty with the entire ecosystem.