Email Delivery

Altis Cloud can handle vast amounts of email sending, with very good deliverability. Email sending is automatically integrated via a custom wp_mail override, therefore developers and plugins don't need to make any extra provisions for sending email on Cloud. This integration is controlled via aws-ses.

Domain Verification

All email delivery on Cloud using aws-ses must be sent from email addresses that have their domain verified. Contact support to start the process of verifying your domain for email sending.

Once you have requested a domain for verification, you will be provided DNS entries to add to your DNS Server, or Human Made will configure it if we already control DNS for your domain.

It's also required to configure the code base to send emails from the domain. This can be done by setting the setting.

"modules": {
    "cloud": {
        "email-from-address": ""

For advanced configuration of the sending email address for outbound mail, use the wp_mail_from filter to change the value at runtime:

add_filter( 'wp_mail_from', function ( $email ) {
    return '';
} );

To configure the "from name" of outbound emails by using the wp_mail_from_name filter:

add_filter( 'wp_mail_from_name', function ( $name ) {
    return 'Joe Bloggs';
} );

Any email address can be used as long as they are all from a verified sending domain. Multiple sending domains can also be used, just get each one verified.

Email Logging

See Accessing Logs for details on access send and failure logs for email.