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Gain in-depth insights into Gutenberg, the new fast, flexible, contextually enriched publishing experience in WordPress.

“Gutenberg is the first attempt at really challenging the writing paradigm in a more generalised context. I suspect that once Gutenberg goes mainstream and is fully experienced by a large portion of the general market, it will create a new baseline for user expectations in editing.”

Anna Harrison

Director of UX at Ephox (creators of TinyMCE)


Head of Design at Human Made

Barbara Marcantonio


Communications Manager at Human Made

Ana Silva



WordPress Engineer at Human Made

Nathaniel Taintor


Digital Marketer at Human Made

Caspar Hübinger


Director of UX at Ephox (creators

of TinyMCE)

Anna Harrison


Director of Marketing and Communications at Artefact

Hannah Staton


CGO and Partner at Human Made

Noel Tock


Altis is the next-generation digital experience platform: backed by 10+ years of globally recognized engineering excellence building solutions for enterprises and leading brands. With deep roots in open source, Altis is a proven end-to-end enterprise- augmented WordPress platform.

Altis Digital Experience Platform

Human Made are an award- winning, global WordPress agency and leading providers of digital experience platforms for enterprise.

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WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS, is preparing for the future – are you?

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