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“Our design focused on fluid and interesting interactions over bold visual statements, heavily influenced by our decision to use the WP REST API with a JavaScript frontend. As such, it made sense to choose a partner that brought expertise in that realm, which Human Made certainly did.”

Nicole Wilke

Head of Product at TechCrunch

Communications Manager at Human Made

Ana Silva



Head of Design at Human Made

Barbara Marcantonio


CTO, Fairfax Media

Damien Cronan


Digital Marketer at Human Made

Caspar Hübinger


Head of Design and UX at npm

Nick Cawthon


Director of Engineering at Human Made, WordPress REST API co-lead

Ryan McCue


Full stack web developer, ustwo

Daniel Demmel


CEO of Human Made

Tom Willmot


CTO of Human Made

Joe Hoyle


Head of Product, TechCrunch

Nicole Wilke


Altis is the next-generation digital experience platform: backed by 10+ years of globally recognized engineering excellence building solutions for enterprises and leading brands. With deep roots in open source, Altis is a proven end-to-end enterprise- augmented WordPress platform.

Altis Digital Experience Platform

Human Made are an award- winning, global WordPress agency and leading providers of digital experience platforms for enterprise.

Human Made WordPress enterprise agency

Learn how Headless WordPress powers the digital stack of large-scale enterprises.

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