Tech giants from Microsoft to TechCrunch use WordPress – should you?

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Find out about what makes open source software valuable for enterprises around the globe.

“We needed a system and a piece of technology that would force a reckoning of our team members to actually learn what digital publishing is, and what digital marketing means today, in a bunch of different cultures, languages, and markets.”

Parker Ward

Global Head of Digital at Capgemini

Junior designer at Human Made

Camila Villegas


Communications Manager at Human Made

Ana Silva



Digital Marketer at Human Made

Caspar Hübinger


Senior Engineer at Human Made

John Blackbourn


Director of Client Services in Japan at Human Made

Shinichi Nishikawa


Altis is the next-generation digital experience platform: backed by 10+ years of globally recognized engineering excellence building solutions for enterprises and leading brands. With deep roots in open source, Altis is a proven end-to-end enterprise- augmented WordPress platform.

Altis Digital Experience Platform

Human Made are an award- winning, global WordPress agency and leading providers of digital experience platforms for enterprise.

Human Made WordPress enterprise agency

Microsoft switched their official company news website to WordPress. Find out why.

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