The WordPress enterprise DXP

WordPress enterprise DXP

Launch your next microsite on the interoperable WordPress platform global brands use to drive ROI.

Let us show you how we scale WordPress for Fortune 500 businesses and big brands around the world.

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WordPress has long moved on from blogs

WordPress has dominated the CMS market for nearly a decade. Currently, more than every third of the world’s top ten million websites run on WordPress.

WordPress has long outgrown its roots as a blogging tool. Today, WordPress powers enterprise applications from corporate multi-site, multi-language networks to mobile apps.

“But WordPress is free – where is the value-add?”

Its availability as free open-source software has gained WordPress huge popularity and market share. And it also speaks to enterprise needs.

Zero vendor lock-in & data portability

WordPress guarantees data portability at all times. As WordPress is open-source, you can even take your code with you.

Interoperability with everything

Use WordPress’ extensive APIs and headless CMS capabilities to integrate any third-party service. CRM, e-commerce, marketing automation, MLR processes, IoT – if it has an API, WordPress can talk to it.

Risk mitigation & battle-tested security

Its market share makes WordPress one of the most scrutinized codebases on the web today. When done right, WordPress is trusted even by global banks – we know, because we’ve worked with one.

Native cross-device publishing

WordPress’ delightful publishing experience minimizes the entry threshold to build rich cross-device content. For once, this is an editor your team will enjoy!

Flourishing global ecosystem

Mass-adopted in 100+ languages, WordPress nurtures a diverse global ecosystem. You can choose, or switch your delivery and technology partners at any time.

Data governance & native privacy

Own your own data and analytics, relying on WordPress’ powerful extensibility. Native privacy tools help you maintain compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

“Is this about managed WordPress hosting?”

While managed WordPress hosting can provide great advantages for small and medium-sized businesses, big brands today are looking for digital partnerships far beyond infrastructure, with partners who are able to deliver a broad range of solutions from agile processes to next-generation technology.

Content has moved on from web pages to contextualized digital experiences

With the rise of voice and a plethora of devices, the state of content has undergone a radical change. Enterprise web content management today emphasizes the customer journey beyond classic web pages.

The WCMS has evolved to enable continuous engagement across different channels and touchpoints. Its next generation provides interoperable service ecosystems to deliver contextualized, omni-channel digital experiences.

Learn more about Experience Blocks

From the evolution of the WCMS, a breed of holistic, AI-enhanced, cloud-based enterprise software has emerged: the digital experience platform (DXP)

Enterprise WordPress, disrupted – meet Altis!

On top of WordPress, Altis packages a broad range of next-generation capabilities and services. Empower your teams to get their jobs done – faster and better.

  • Security & governance
  • Native analytics & reporting
  • Workflows & collaboration
  • Client dashboard
  • Developer tools
  • 24/monitoring & support
  • Personalization
  • Remarketing
  • Content experimentation (A/B testing)
  • Multi-device & omni-channel delivery
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • AI-enhanced digital asset management
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