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Supercharge your WordPress site instantly with personalisation, experiments and internal ad networks. All backed by our native block-level analytics engine — 5 minute install, what are you waiting for?



What is Altis Accelerate?

Altis Accelerate is an essential suite of tools for the modern marketer, helping you unlock capabilities such as Personalisation, A/B Testing, Internal Ads and more within your WordPress site. The solution boasts its own integrated analytics and event-tracking solution, whilst also integrating with your broader marketing stack.

A modern dashboard made for Marketers 🎉

All content types, traffic, block thumbnails, fast search and more, all in one place.

What can you do with Accelerate

Critical functionality for the modern Marketer & Content Creator

Global Blocks

We've taken the Reusable Blocks you've come to know in WordPress, and made them a primary content type you can create outside of pages, which also track block-level insights.

Content Explorer

Posts, Pages and Blocks are now all available from your dashboard, sorted by their activity. Get a clear overview of how all of your content is performing.

Broadcast Blocks

Broadcast allows you to promote multiple Global Blocks in the same space. This internal ad-network allows you to scale traffic to content quickly.

Personalization Blocks

You can personalize blocks with multiple variants, based on geolocation, device type, time of day and much more. Whilst functional inside the plugin — we are still enhancing the functionality.

A/B Testing Blocks

You can a/b test blocks with multiple variants, and find your winners based on block- clickthroughs or form completions. Whilst functional inside the plugin — we are still enhancing the functionality.

CDP Integration

We already have a partial Twilio Segment integration, but are looking to enhance that with audiences from your first-party data — as well as expand to RudderStack and mParticle.

Accelerate FAQ

How do I install Altis Accelerate?

At the top of this page, click on sign-up for a free account. This will take you through the process whereby every site you want to install Accelerate on, will require two things; the API key we provide you, and the Altis Accelerate plugin installed.

How are Altis Analytics hosted?

During this beta phase, all data is stored in the EU (specifically in Frankfurt, Germany). We may offer other jurisdictions in the future — please let us know if you have any requests with regards to jurisdictions .Data is never shared with third parties, or transferred out of the region. Everything is hosted at AWS and automatically deleted after 90 days.

All data collected by Altis Accelerate is subject to the European GDPR regulations, as processed by Human Made Ltd, a UK registered company.

Data about your visitors is automatically collected by Altis Accelerate to power analytics and personalisation features, based on the visitor's opt-in status.

How do I use Altis Accelerate?

Please refer to our User Guide for Altis Accelerate during our beta phase.

Was this previously Altis DXP?

Correct, we previously bundled the entire suite & infrastructure into a single product. Based on feedback and demand, we recently split the products out into Altis Cloud and Altis Accelerate. As some of the functionality in Accelerate was previously created as a framework, we're going through a transition in order to align UI/UX into that of a standalone solution.