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Altis Accelerate

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Bring your web content to life with the Altis Accelerate plugin for WordPress. Personalize on-page elements for targeted audiences with dynamic content, run A/B testing, and collate the results.

Works on all major WordPress hosts:

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Oversee content performance across your entire site

Use the Content Explorer to access your pages, posts, blocks and more in a single place on your dashboard. Sort by various content types and identify what’s performing best. Measure the uplift of your content personalization and refine your digital experience strategy.

Native analytics fuelling commercial insights

All Accelerate accounts run GDPR-compliant first-party analytics by default. Extend your WordPress analytics into your data stack by connecting Accelerate to Segment for further integration into various business intelligence tools. Transform WordPress into an impactful part of your MarTech stack.

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Powering digital experiences for some of the internet’s biggest names

More features are around the corner…

We are in the process of building our digital experience platform features in the brand new Altis Accelerate plugin. The following features will soon also be available for beta testing.


Create unique digital experiences for your website visitors. Segment visitors by setting conditions with the Audience Creator and personalize your content to match their preferences.

A/B Testing

Optimize your content in the block editor and increase conversions. Turn any Gutenberg block into an A/B test by creating content variants and programming success metrics.

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Global Blocks

Work and think at a campaign level by distributing content sitewide at the click of a button. Start with blocks and break down results, tracking analytics at a granular level.

And plenty more…

The Altis team comprises contributors to the WordPress open-source project. The features we continue to introduce to Accelerate are tightly integrated into the CMS core.

Bring your marketing to life on WordPress

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