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Now including free generative AI content & layout for the Block Editor 🔮

Unleash the power
of WordPress blocks

Supercharge your blocks with our standalone WordPress plugin.

Works on all hosts — An account is required to receive analytics.

Essential for Marketers

Altis Accelerate is a suite of tools for the Block Editor, helping you unlock capabilities such as Perzonalisation, A/B Testing, Internal Ads and more within your WordPress site — all with built-in analytics and event-tracking.

It simply works out of the box, no configuration needed.

Works on all hosts, tested on: Altis Accelerate - Hosting

Global Blocks. Protect and re-use key content. Measure each block's performance to drive higher engagement.

AI Generation. Auto-generate content and layout for blocks, excerpts, SEO fields and more.

A/B Testing Blocks. Easily add new variants to any existing blocks, promote your highest performers.

Personalized Blocks. Use our comprehensive Audience Manager to target dedicated user segments.

Smart Block Locking. Keep large sites under control. Stop making accidental edits to site-wide content.

Broadcast Blocks. Promote your Global Blocks throughout your entire site with this internal ad tool.

Content Explorer. View all content types and built-in analytics in one place. The most performant way to find your content.


Create an A/B Test in under 1 minute

Once you convert one of your blocks to a "Global Block", you will be tracking block analytics. From there, upgrade it to an A/B Test (clone previous variants or start with a blank canvas).

No setup needed.

Accelerate FAQ

Will Altis Accelerate work on my site?

Yes, Accelerate works on any WordPress setup and does not require any advanced hosting. The heavy lifting is done by our analytics backend. So you can comfortable go ahead and install Accelerate with our friends at Pantheon, Kinsta, WP Engine, Siteground and others...

How do I install Altis Accelerate?

At the top of this page, click on sign-up for a free account. This will take you through the process whereby every site you want to install Accelerate on, will require two things; the API key we provide you, and the Altis Accelerate plugin installed.

How are Altis Analytics hosted?

During this beta phase, all data is stored in the EU (specifically in Frankfurt, Germany). We may offer other jurisdictions in the future — please let us know if you have any requests with regards to jurisdictions .Data is never shared with third parties, or transferred out of the region. Everything is hosted at AWS and automatically deleted after 90 days.

All data collected by Altis Accelerate is subject to the European GDPR regulations, as processed by Human Made Ltd, a UK registered company.

Data about your visitors is automatically collected by Altis Accelerate to power analytics and personalisation features, based on the visitor's opt-in status.

How do I use Altis Accelerate?

Please refer to our User Guide for Altis Accelerate during our beta phase.

Was this previously Altis DXP?

Correct, we previously bundled the entire suite & infrastructure into a single product. Based on feedback and demand, we recently split the products out into Altis Cloud and Altis Accelerate. As some of the functionality in Accelerate was previously created as a framework, we're going through a transition in order to align UI/UX into that of a standalone solution.

What is the impact of Accelerate on SEO?

Search engine bots scanning the site will be exposed to fallback variants when coming across content that utilises A/B testing or Perzonalisation.