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Sleep Easy

No one wants to be woken up because their site went down, or their host suddenly changed their WordPress version. Sleep easy with Altis Cloud.

Highly available

All Altis Cloud production servers are set up in a high availability configuration, including your database, object cache, and Elasticsearch servers, and every subscription comes with guaranteed uptime SLAs.

We use a combination of high availability techniques based on industry best practice, including load balanced and redundant servers, as well as cold, warm, and hot standby.

Recover from the worst

Integrated disaster recovery systems ensure that no data is ever lost, even if users are compromised.

We take continuous backups of your database, allowing point-in-time restores to the exact second before data loss, as well as redundant backups for 35 days (with custom retention available). Uploaded assets like images are stored on a versioned file system, allowing restoration or reversion of files.

All plans come with high availability as standard. Our autoscaling infrastructure allows automatic recovery from hardware failures, while our manual RTO and RPO provide peace-of-mind even if the worst happens.

Controlled launch

Every subscription includes at least one non-production environment for staging and quality assurance purposes. Your development process can check every change before launching it live, using production-like infrastructure to check for compatibility.

When debugging problems, it’s important to know exactly what changed. On Altis Cloud, codebase changes including WordPress upgrades are fully controlled by you within your Git repository, and only happen when you’re ready to deploy.

PHP or Elasticsearch version upgrades only happen when you request them, and other infrastructure changes we apply only happen during your maintenance window.

Predict the future

Altis publishes a new version every quarter, helping you plan your site’s evolution. Our roadmap provides clarity on what’s coming up.

Plus, Altis supports every version for one year with our long-term support policy, including long-term support for major WordPress versions, helping you plan changes well in advance.

Ready to get started with Altis Cloud?

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