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Forget about  storage bandwidth CPUs RAM allocation PHP workers

Altis Cloud provides automatically scaling infrastructure which grows and shrinks to match your traffic.

Automatically scale to any size

Altis Cloud has been built from the ground up for cloud-native autoscaling.

Dedicated application, database, caching, and search servers combine with load balancers and our CDN to automatically adjust your infrastructure dynamically, based on live traffic.

While other hosts give you inflexible fixed servers, Altis monitors your site and adjusts your provisioning every minute based on your live traffic.

Go global with the Altis CDN

Our integrated content distribution network (CDN) distributes your site globally to serve pages fast. With 410 points-of-presence (PoPs) backed by 13 regional caches, we’ll keep your site snappy, no matter where your users are.

If your users or editors are all in one place, select your origin location from one of our 6 global regions across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, including two carbon neutral regions.

Plot, Chart, Map

Every request is automatically optimized, including gzip and Brotli compression, as well as image optimization through Tachyon, our custom-built image resizing and optimization service. Plus, every request through the CDN uses our web application firewall to block bad actors and protect your servers.

Scale up and out

From massive single sites with hundreds of millions of users, to multisite networks with tens of thousands of sites, we’ve seen it all. Because we built Altis natively for the cloud, our infrastructure can scale both horizontally and vertically to meet every challenge you encounter.

Our engineers can work with you to identify unique scaling obstacles and address them throughout the stack.

Predictable and flexible

Our pricing is based on your site’s traffic, with a bundle of page views for your year.

You can use up to 40% of your page views in any month, keeping your bills consistent and predictable throughout the year. We’ll automatically scale your site to keep it up the whole time.

If you ever need more, you can pre-purchase additional page views, or let us work it out afterwards. No hassle.

Ready to get started with Altis Cloud?

Check out our plans or get your own tailored recommendation with one of our experts.