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Wolfram Research is one of the world’s most respected software companies and a powerhouse of scientific and technical innovation.

Wolfram has developed and released Mathematica, a major force in the technical and educational communities, the Wolfram Language, a unique knowledge-based programming language, and Wolfram|Alpha, a computational knowledge engine including natural language processing and 10+ trillion pieces of curated data.




Some of Wolfram’s Clients

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In the Press


On Wolfram Language’s Visualization Capabilities:

“The amount of code that’s required to produce the same amount of work is a fraction of the amount of code that we would have to write with other tools, so the time to delivery is much faster. To get these graphs to look like the way our customers need them, we would have to settle for less with another tool.”

Alan Savoy
Technical Manager & Architect @ nGenera Corporation

On Wolfram’s Computable Document Format:

“It’s way beyond a regular word processor. It’s beyond web pages and applets and Java…Those that have been teaching have been yearning for something that would bring our subject alive and move beyond the textual content we normally find, and support that with visualizations that are interactive, so the feedback has been incredibly positive. It’s hard to imagine how a book like this would be brought alive without having Mathematica.”

Eric Shulz
Coauthor of Calculus: Early Transcendentals & Mathematics, Instructor @ Walla Walla Community College

“The abilities it’s given me for building real-time models and analysis have been astonishingly helpful… I like to use Mathematica for composing ideas, showing those ideas, and keeping track of ideas.”

Donald BarnhartLead Developer & Chief Optical Scientist, Optica Software, on Wolfram Language’s visualization capabilities

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