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Performance. Scale.
Who says you can’t have both?

Introducing Altis Afterburner, the new benchmark in speed for high-traffic WordPress sites.

Blazing fast, even as your site hits millions of views.


requests per second


lower latency

🚀 100%

more kick-ass

Data based on synthetic and real-world testing. Check out the data.

Built just for enterprise WordPress

We’ve built our infrastructure for high-scale, enterprise WordPress from the bottom up. Every component of the system is tailored just for running your site as fast and secure as possible, from PHP extensions through autoscaling built for WordPress.

Our proprietary architecture provides fast loading times for your site, even as it scales to hundreds of times more traffic. Publish ground-breaking news, move markets with your announcements, or run a real-time massive event, all without worrying about the user experience.

Blast above the clouds with Afterburner

We created our own extension for PHP, Afterburner, just to optimize WordPress performance. We’ve taken the slowest, most-used parts of WordPress, and reimplemented them to squeeze every drop of performance out of your site.

And it shows. Our testing has shown a 42% increase in requests per second (RPS) just from activating Afterburner. Coupled with our leading-edge technology stack built on the world’s largest cloud provider, AWS, your sites will load faster than you can say “supersonic”.

Free cache

Traditional enterprise hosts trade off between speed and scale, with a performance hit from switching to multi-server architecture.

Afterburner Cache delivers the benefits of autoscaling Redis object caching while keeping your site snappy.

Fast in any language

We think users should have a fast experience, no matter what language they speak.

Afterburner Translations completely eliminates the performance penalty for WordPress translations, making non-English sites 30% faster and on-par with English.

Dive deep with X-Ray

Our X-Ray performance tool gives unprecedented visibility into how your site is performing at scale.

We store performance data for every single request, so you can track down even the toughest performance problems. And unlike other tools, it doesn’t impact the site’s performance, so we run it on production.

X-Ray even gives you the visibility you need to track down bugs and errors, providing an unprecedented level of detail for development.

Tailored tools

Behind the scenes, we use multiple dedicated servers for each component, including web servers, database servers, and object cache (Redis) servers. This allows us to tailor them for maximum performance and scale.

Our dedicated Elasticsearch clusters provide even more capability, providing a powerful, specialized search service.

With our highly integrated stack, all of these components fit together seamlessly for maximum power with minimum effort.

Take it home with you

We care deeply about the developer experience. That’s why we provide our own Docker development environment which mirrors the cloud. Our local server includes Afterburner and each dedicated service, giving it the same performance characteristics as your production servers.

Local Server includes X-Ray and Query Monitor, giving you immediate insight into page performance. And when you need to investigate problems, a simple switch turns on XDebug to start in-depth profiling.

Ready to get started with Altis Cloud?

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