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A digital innovation technology partnership with the Nordics’ leading influencer marketing agency

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About United Influencers

United Influencers have digital innovation at the very core of their business. Launched in 2014 with a new concept of connecting influencers and brands and a clear mission ‘to professionalise the rapidly growing influencer marketing industry’, United Influencers are today one of the Nordic’s leading influencer marketing agencies.

Building a platform for growth

Enabling brands and influencers to connect and exchange value, the agency’s site averages around 20+ million page views monthly. With over 100 influencers on their team, 30+ employees and offices in Sweden and Norway, the team has run over 2,000 campaigns in less than five years.

As they agency expanded into new regions, their needs rapidly evolved, and connecting their digital strategy end-to-end became a key focus. To enable United Influencers to keep pace with the heavy demand they were experiencing, the agency needed a robust, reliable platform from which to reach their audiences.

Delivering scalability, flexibility and security for United Influencers

With Human Made as technology partners consulting on their digital strategy, United Influencers migrated to Altis Cloud, our stable and reliable platform capable of managing hundreds of web properties from one core dashboard. We created a solid foundation from which United Influencers could expect reliable uptime, robust security and the flexibility to extend and adapt the platform with their evolving business needs.

Using the best-in-class solutions, United Influencers now benefit from an extensible platform enabling them to deliver engaging user experiences to consumers globally.

What could digital innovation do for your organisation? Get in touch to discuss your needs.