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Streamline Workflows and optimise Collaboration

Go from ideation to “published” faster than ever with innovative visual content creation, auditing, and productivity tools.

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“We’re delighted with our Altis experience: it’s made everyday processes and workflows faster, more efficient, and much, much more enjoyable than they were previously.”

Stefan Weger, Head of Digital, ServusTV

Content quality control with publication checklists

Enhance business processes, support legal compliance, and automate quality control. Prevent jumping the gun with publishing until the checklist has been completed.

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Work smarter with workflows

Increase productivity and transparency between content creators, editors, and designers with complete control over internal workflow and communication. Notifications delivered to Slack, email, or inside your WordPress admin.

Give all creators due credit for content creation

Add multiple users as authors on posts and keep better track of their contributions. Shine the spotlight on the whole team involved in the content production process.

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