Altis Developer Experience

Altis provides a world-class developer experience, meeting and exceeding other best-in-class solutions in the marketplace.

Altis DX: the Altis Dashboard

For over a decade, we have delivered high-performance, secure web applications, and with each new project, we’ve refined the developer experience for engineers.

Building off that rich history, Altis today provides deeply-integrated developer tools across local environments and live Cloud infrastructure.

World-class developer experience: seamless integration from local WordPress to Cloud environments

Query Monitor

Integrated into every page on all environments, Query Monitor provides a deep, comprehensive view of how a page is rendered, from database and search queries to external requests. Performance metrics are automatically generated, providing targeted information about the slowest parts of your site.

Altis developer experience: Query Monitor
Altis developer experience: deployment environments

Local environments

Local environments integrate with the Altis’ developer tools, providing features like jump-to-line for error and database information.

  • Local Server provides a full Docker-based development environment for fast and comprehensive development. This is built off a common codebase with the production Cloud Infrastructure to ensure consistency throughout the development process.
  • Local Chassis provides a full virtual machine (VM) environment, built on industry-standard Vagrant and VirtualBox tooling. This VM is configured to match the Altis Cloud environments, allowing seamless setup for developers, and providing a full development kit. Local Chassis builds off the open source Chassis project, allowing developers to take advantage of the powerful extensions ecosystem.

Developer experience in the cloud

On Cloud environments, full performance data including flamegraphs is available through the Altis Dashboard for every request, enabling developers to quickly assess and address even the toughest performance problems. These traces are available for 30 days, allowing quick analysis and debugging of user issues and performance trends.

Altis developer experience: flamegraph debugging interface

Altis developer experience: automated code review (ACR)

Automated code review for stable, performant websites

Automated code review (ACR) provides you with complete autonomy to add functionality and extend capabilities while ensuring any additional code deployed to your Altis platform is thoroughly reviewed for security and performance vulnerabilities.


The REST API is a simple and powerful data exchange tool, enabling applications to communicate with each other and send and receive content in all available formats. This enables you to deliver optimal experiences across the entire customer journey.

Altis is open source software, you can try it out today.

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