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Partner Spotlight: Saucal

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Posted by Jade Engelbrecht

Partnerships Manager

Published in Partnerships

There’s always been great synergy between Altis and our partner Saucal; WooCommerce development expertise meets a WordPress digital experience platform is a recipe for eCommerce success. Like us, Saucal are passionate about helping companies break down the technical barriers to scaling a website with WordPress.

Saucal helped Phlearn successfully navigate a huge shift in its business model to a subscription streaming service.

In 2011, founders Dominik Sauter and Mitch Callahan struggled to find expertise in building eCommerce sites for a business idea they had – so they decided to become the experts themselves. Nowadays, Saucal is helping build some of the biggest online stores on the internet for ambitious companies that want to scale.

When building an eCommerce site for scale, reliable infrastructure and fast hosting are crucial. That’s why we decided to partner with Altis – as they offer a top-quality managed WordPress & WooCommerce hosting platform for large-scale and enterprise websites. 

Mitch Callahan, CEO, Saucal

Their main goal is to empower entrepreneurs and solve their technical challenges so that they can focus on running their core business and growing online sales. Paired with the Altis Cloud solution, eCommerce sites unleash their potential for growth.

“What we find especially great about the Altis platform,” shares Mitch – now CEO of Saucal – “is that it’s a fully integrated product, offering features like application performance monitoring, automated code review, enhanced analytics, audit logs, A/B testing, and much much more. It’s also fast, secure, and scalable – which is crucial for our customers.”

Learn more about Saucal’s partnership with Altis, or check out the entire Altis Partnership Network.

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