Altis v12: An even more powerful developer experience

Version 12 of the Altis digital experience platform has landed and it delivers some exciting new updates for developers, including support for PHP 8.0, Github’s Codespaces, a new cloud Dashboard…

Vesela Lalova
Product Owner

Altis v11: Improved analytics, WordPress 5.9 & FSE

Altis v11 continues our commitment to giving marketers and editors the most advanced WordPress-powered tools to deliver digital experiences. We have introduced a new analytics processing framework, enabling businesses to…

Ryan McCue
Product Director

Altis in 2021

As 2020 was a year marked by rapid digital acceleration, 2021 was a year of exploring what the ‘new normal’ is for all of us. The world now spends more…

Ryan McCue
Product Director

Altis v10: A/B testing, acceptance testing and more…

Happy new year everyone! We’re proud to announce Altis v10 is now available for immediate download. Altis v10 brings our second Experience Block, the A/B Testing Block. For the first…

Ryan McCue
Product Director

Introducing: Altis v8

With the release of Altis v8, we’re excited to welcome several key changes that will enhance the user experience and editorial capabilities on the digital experience platform. Altis v8 includes…

Ryan McCue
Product Director

Core Web Vitals for WordPress: How to Optimise Your Page Experience in 2021

Edit: this post has been updated to reflect the delayed roll-out of Core Web Vitals. Last May, Google announced that it will start using “page experience signals” when determining the…

Andreas Ramov
Account Executive

Introducing: Altis v7

With the release of version 7 of the Altis Digital Experience Platform, we are proud to present some exciting new features and updates that will help marketers make customers’ digital…

Corey Brown
Content Marketing Manager

Altis 6: Experience Block Analytics

Altis v6 continues our commitment to giving marketers and editors the tools they need to reach their target audiences with intelligent personalised content. Harness the power of Experience Block Analytics…

Priya Bhatia
Product Manager

Altis 5: Improved Discovery

Much improved discovery capabilities, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Better search means happier users, a better understanding of customer intent and ultimately increasing engagement.

Joe Hoyle
Chief Technical Officer