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Bibblio are the recommendation system you need to increase user engagement, grow revenues, and drive new audiences.


Bibblio offers an AI-driven content recommendation platform to publishing and media businesses that helps them increase engagement, improve monetization and boost growth.

Built as a utility technology for digital publishers, Bibblio allows them to easily power their site’s related and popular content, improve monetization by promoting branded, sponsored or affiliate content, and partner with other sites to drive new audiences. Bibblio’s offering is affordable, easy-to-onboard and now runs on over 900 sites, serving app. 100m users a month.



  • The Circulation tool suggests the best of your content to your visitors, making them stay longer and consume more. It’ll get you the engagement your content deserves.
  • The Promotion tool displays your revenue-generating content in all the right places.
  • The Syndication tool lets you share your audiences across your own digital properties or partner with other sites to drive quality audiences and share revenue.

Some of Bibblio’s clients

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New Scientist

Bibblio’s case studies

SUITCASE is an independent multimedia brand for travel and fashion. They use Bibblio’s AI-driven recommendation engine to recirculate their digital content in an elegant and effortless way.

Wealth Management is a digital resource for financial advisors and estate planning professionals, part of the Business Intelligence Division of Informa. They use Bibblio’s technology to promote their sponsored content and maximize revenue.

Bibblio’s reviews

Bibblio has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on

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