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MorphL use AI to predict user behaviors in digital products & services with the end goal of increasing KPIs through personalization.

MorphL is a machine learning platform that drastically reduces the complexity of implementing a personalized digital experience by offering built-in ML models and algorithms that can cover a wide range of data sources and use-cases: user churn prediction, shopping stage prediction, customer live time value, recommender systems and many, many more.

Their customers have been using MorphL in different scenarios with exciting results:

  • An independent news publisher that is using MorphL to predict churning users, is seeing improvements of up to 3-times on their initial CTR when inviting readers to donate & support their journalistic investigations. 
  • A media company with 9 publications in their portfolio is experiencing up to 25% growth on their subscriber list. 
  • An AdTech company managing millions of accounts is seeing an increase of 5% in their CTR after using MorphL to predict user search intent.
  • An eCommerce business in Eastern Europe that’s currently piloting shopping stage prediction model has projected a potential revenue growth of 500% on their re-marketing campaigns.



  • AI Strategy & Consultancy
  • AI Infrastructure Implementation

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Predicting User Search Intent Using CNNS and RNNS

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