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Preparing React News for huge growth in global real estate markets

Specializing in real-time real estate market insights, React News offers its subscribers up-to-the-minute updates on major UK and pan-European property stories. As React News, owned by Green Street, a commercial real estate analytics firm with expertise in Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) analysis, expanded rapidly into global markets, their website began to show signs of strain.

Screen grabs of React News' website

The increasing number of subscribers, drawn to the site after receiving React News’ exclusive email alerts, placed a significant burden on the website’s infrastructure. This surge in traffic began to compromise the website’s stability and overall user experience.

With ambitious goals to own and enhance its business model and technology, and plans to expand its European offering, it was imperative for React News to lay solid foundations for growth.

Smooth scaling for traffic spikes

React News experiences predictable spikes in traffic to their site following regular scheduled email notifications to subscribers, bringing with them a number of challenges.

Scalability issues

The thrice-daily email newsletters of React News were their main engagement channel, leading to significant and predictable traffic spikes.

Custom functionality

A need for tailored solutions was evident, especially for custom scaling to manage traffic surges and for integrating various platforms.

International expansion

With an eye on global markets, React News needed a robust platform that could support its growth and cater to a diverse user base.

Revolutionising stability and efficiency with scheduled autoscaling on Altis Cloud

To ensure the site was always ready for these surges, our team built ‘scheduled autoscaling’ into the Altis Cloud platform. Autoscaling ensures the site’s stability during traffic surges by pre-programming increased server capacity. Altis’ standard autoscaling feature also catches any unforeseen fluctuations whenever they arise.

With this scheduled autoscaling, subscribers are delivered a more reliable and consistent digital experience with React News, and the business incurs no loss of ad revenue due to downtime, avoiding any loss of revenue on wasted capacity outside of peak traffic times. Scheduled autoscaling is now a feature built into Altis Cloud for all users.

Altis Accelerate also delivers React News’ native first-party data, a primary source of analytics to understand and optimize user experience.

Reliable content delivery through even the highest demand

The Altis Cloud team approached the unique needs of React News with a suite of custom solutions. In collaboration with and sponsored by React News, a tailored platform was developed specifically for their needs and unique traffic patterns, integrating and enhancing essential tools to meet React News’ specific requirements. 

This bespoke approach included the integration of ‘Restrict Content Pro’, establishing a sophisticated paywall system adaptable to both individual and corporate billing models, aligning with the diverse needs of React News’ audience.

Optimising traffic management and engagement with Altis Accelerate

Traffic monitoring and business intelligence were bolstered through the integration of Altis Accelerate. This allowed React News to closely observe traffic patterns and align these insights with strategic business decisions. To address the predictable yet intense demand spikes from their email newsletters, Altis Cloud designed a custom scaling solution. This innovative system not only autoscaled in response to real-time traffic but also prescaled in anticipation of known traffic surges, ensuring the website’s uninterrupted performance during peak times.

Moreover, email newsletter efficacy was enhanced by integrating with Mailchimp, reinforcing user engagement and driving more traffic to the website.

Snippets from React News' site

A transformational platform designed for React News’ growth

The results of these solutions have been transformative for React News. The custom scaling solution adeptly manages traffic surges, maintaining website stability and ensuring a consistently high-quality user experience. This is critical in not just retaining but also enhancing the satisfaction of their existing user base.

The integration of bespoke platforms and functionalities enabled React News to offer a more tailored and refined user experience, which has been instrumental in aligning with their expansion goals. These customizations have allowed React News to cater more effectively to their diverse user base, a key factor in their international market expansion strategies.

With the support and solutions provided by Altis, React News is now well-prepared and confident in its international expansion pursuits. The robust, scalable, and adaptable digital infrastructure established with Altis’ support has set a strong foundation for React News’ future growth. As the company looks to its next chapter in global expansion, it does so with the assurance of a robust digital infrastructure, enabled by Altis’ strategic support and technological expertise. React News’ goals for 2024 include bringing Green Street’s US news production into the Altis CMS.

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