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WordPress AI Assistant: A game-changer in the latest Altis Accelerate update

WordPress AI plugin

Posted by Corey Brown

Content Marketing Manager

Published in Releases

The most recent update to the Altis Accelerate plugin welcomes the integration of OpenAI’s technology with WordPress, marking a significant step forward in how we create and manage content. This is a huge addition to the Accelerate marketing toolkit, further empowering marketers and content teams using WordPress.

The integration introduces a handful of powerful new capabilities for Altis Accelerate users:

1. AI Blocks

The introduction of AI Blocks is one of the most notable features in this update. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, AI Blocks offer a more intuitive way to create and design block layouts and formats from simple text inputs. This technology also leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to generate the copy you need, enriching the quality of editorial user engagement in WordPress.

2. Yoast SEO autocompletion

We’ve made it even easier to make sure your content gets better visibility in search results using the most popular SEO tool for WordPress, adding an autofill feature for the Yoast SEO tool. This function automatically generates SEO-friendly meta tags, focus keyword suggestions, and social media (opengraph) tags once you’ve got your post written and prepared in the block editor, reliably checking off the box of improving discoverability of your pages in search engine results.

3. In-editor chatbot

With the new in-editor chatbot, you have immediate access to a tool that can help answer your questions, guide you through the platform, and offer insights to enhance your content strategy. This feature aims to make your content creation journey smoother and more interactive, providing the AI chat experience that many users are starting to benefit from with tools like ChatGPT and Bard from within the block editor.

4. AI-generated variant suggestions for A/B testing on post and page titles

This update also impacts the popular A/B testing capabilities of Altis Accelerate, providing variant suggestions for post and page titles when running experiments. This feature generates alternative title options, allowing you to identify the most impactful headlines for your audience and potentially increase click-throughs to your content and reader engagement.

A/B testing AI assistant

5. Autocomplete for Post Excerpt fields

The update also brings an autocomplete feature for post excerpt fields, providing suggestions for post summaries. This feature is designed to streamline your writing process, making it more efficient and less prone to errors.

The integration of OpenAI into Altis Accelerate signifies our commitment to providing advanced, user-friendly solutions for content creation and marketing on WordPress. We’ve no doubt this update will make your WordPress experience more intuitive and efficient, and we’re excited to hear your feedback.