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Altis Cloud v14: metrics, a CLI & WordPress 6.1

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Posted by Ryan McCue

Product Director

Published in News, and Releases

Version 14 of Altis Cloud has landed, bringing with it a metrics dashboard, a brand new CLI and an upgrade to WordPress 6.1.

New cloud metrics dashboard

With Altis Cloud v14, you will now see detailed infrastructure metrics on the Altis Dashboard, giving you the ability to deep dive into your environment’s metrics with data from the CDN, firewall, PHP, and more. You can now monitor important stats, correlate different data sets, and export for external analysis from a unified metrics interface.

The metric interface gives you access to both near-real-time minute-by-minute data, as well as aggregated statistics for up to the past year. This includes, for the first time, long-term X-Ray statistics, so you can now view your average/p90/p95 PHP response times across the past year.

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Cloud metrics dashboard

Altis CLI

Altis has finally entered the 1980s, with a brand new command line interface in the form of altis-cli. Our new CLI tool allows you to view and manage your environments from the comfort of your usual terminal tools.

Create site exports, connect to your sandbox server’s shell, and even trigger a deploy with just a few commands. It even comes in ✨ stunning 4-bit color ✨.

The CLI is available immediately for all Altis customers, no upgrade required; just run npx altis-cli to get started exploring.

WordPress 6.1

We see further refinement of the site building experience with WordPress 6.1, with more intuitive site creation, and several writing-focused improvements and new design tools that content creators will love.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Design tools for more consistency and control
  • More responsive text with fluid typography
  • WordPress 6.1 includes a new time-to-read feature showing content authors the approximate time-to-read values for pages, posts, and custom post types.
  • Enhanced accessibility

You can learn more about what’s new in WordPress 6.1 in the Field Guide.


At the end of December, we launched our new documentation redesign on The site features better navigation and search, improved mobile and tablet designs, as well as a brand new dark mode.

Altis Developer Documentation

Acting on feedback from our customers and partners, we have clarified and improved some of our developer-focused documentation. Also, we now offer a documentation lint command for your custom modules.


To allow us to deliver more value faster, and to provide you with more control over upgrades, some modules and plugins have been unbundled from the platform with the Altis Cloud v14 release. These are still available separately; please see our upgrading guide for more information on which modules we removed, and how to use their standalone versions.

Migration to Terraform Cloud

Behind the scenes, we’ve been putting in the groundwork for future features. We manage all of your environments through a tool called Terraform, which is managed and operated by our cloud engineers.

Over the last few months we’ve migrated this system to Terraform Cloud, opening up the ability to manage your environments without needing an engineer. This lays the foundation for more self-service functionality in the Altis Dashboard, while ensuring the stability and predictability you expect from Altis Cloud. Keep an eye out over the next few months as we begin shipping some of these self-service features!

What’s next?

We’re working on Altis v15 behind the scenes, with a release date of mid-April. Check out the roadmap in the Altis dashboard for more info on what to expect.

Importantly, as of January 31st Altis v10 is no longer supported . You can see more about supported versions on our Releases documentation page, as well as our Long-Term Support guide.