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Altis v12: An even more powerful developer experience

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Posted by Vesela Lalova

Product Owner

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Version 12 of the Altis digital experience platform has landed and it delivers some exciting new updates for developers, including support for PHP 8.0, Github’s Codespaces, a new cloud Dashboard feature, and more. 

PHP version 8.0

Altis V12 now supports PHP version 8.0 and deprecates version 7.4. You should ensure your application is compatible with PHP 8.0 before upgrading. See Updating PHP Version – Altis Documentation for guidance. As part of upgrading to v12, we recommend moving to PHP 8.0 at the same time to ensure forward compatibility.

GitHub Codespaces

Altis v12 introduces experimental built-in support for GitHub Codespaces, a Cloud-based development environment, that makes it possible to spin up a complete development environment in seconds within your browser, with a full editor based on Visual Studio Code, without having to install anything on your local machine.

Read more about Codespaces in the Altis Documentation: Cloud Development Environments.

Altis Dashboard Blog

There is now a dedicated blog on the Altis Dashboard for users. We’ll use this space to inform you about service updates, announcements, and platform releases. When feature previews or betas are available, we’ll also share them here first.

WordPress 5.9.3 update

We have updated WordPress to version 5.9.3 incorporating 9 bug fixes in the core CMS and 10 bug fixes in the block editor. See WordPress 5.9.3 Maintenance Release – WordPress News.

Change to cloud

Multisite & custom domain support on Altis local server 

Altis v12 introduces support for subdomain multisites and custom domains, where projects can choose custom domains for their local environments, instead of being locked to the domain. This is in part facilitated by the new SSL certificate generation features introduced in Altis v12. 

See the Local Server documentation for details.

Chassis deprecation

As Local Server now has full support for subdomain sites, Altis v12 deprecates Chassis as a local development environment. Docker-based Local Server is now the main officially supported environment for local development.. As an alternative, this release of Altis introduces experimental support for Github Codespaces (see above).

Get in touch if you need support or want to know more about Altis v12.

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