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Partner Spotlight: Atomic Smash

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Posted by Jade Engelbrecht

Partnerships Manager

Published in Partnerships

Atomic Smash build beautiful websites – just check out their own. They custom-build WooCommerce and WordPress platforms and they value, like Altis, the importance of digital experiences and meeting shifting customer needs online head-on. 

The Bristol-based agency operates with their Always Evolving model, involving monthly development and optimisation of digital platforms. Contrast this with the standard model of a full rebuild every couple of years, which can leave businesses with unreliable support, outdated website elements and SEO challenges. By tweaking their clients’ sites every month, their businesses can keep up with the fluidly and unpredictability of the digital domain.

Atomic Smash agency

This way of developing on WordPress goes hand-in-hand with Altis’ Experimentation features. Running A/B tests on website content for several weeks at a time neatly matches the Atomic Smash ethos of regularly tweaking and improving sites to get them working harder for their clients and achieving better results.

Features like personalisation, workflows and insights all contribute to giving our clients both greater freedom and greater control so they feel empowered and their sites can be set up for success.

Piers Tincknell, Co-Founder, Atomic Smash

Atomic Smash agency

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