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Partner Spotlight: Newsletter Glue

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Posted by Jade Engelbrecht

Partnerships Manager

Published in Partnerships

We were delighted to have Newsletter Glue recently jump on board as a new addition to the Altis Partnership network, joining us in taking WordPress publishing capabilities to new heights. Their tool helps WordPress users publish newsletters more consistently and more quickly, and together with Altis makes enterprise-scale newsletter publications possible. 

Newsletter Glue was started by Lesley Sim and Ahmed Fouad after experiencing frustration with trying to get their own newsletters published. They decided they wanted to help other creators, too.

“You started [creating newsletters] because you too wanted to create something magical, and share your inspiration with others,” says Lesley. “But then you quickly realised how much tech you had to deal with.”

It was not just the process of getting a newsletter off the ground that they found difficult, but the convoluted workflows they had to go through every single time they wanted to get a newsletter published. So, they built a solution for newsletter producers looking to work smarter.

Build newsletter templates using Gutenberg with Newsletter Glue.

Newsletter Glue lets teams build newsletters within Altis where content teams are already using the platform’s advanced collaboration features. It also allows you to publish newsletters directly to the web, opening up the content across channels and making it search engine discoverable, going beyond subscribers’ inboxes while saving time on cross-posting.

Altis’ reputation as a premier DXP makes us excited to partner with them on the notoriously complex field of email marketing.

Lesley SIM, co-founder of Newsletter Glue

Newsletter Glue offers integration between your existing email service provider and WordPress or Altis, letting you leverage existing segments and tags when publishing newsletters – no migration necessary.

Learn more about Newsletter Glue’s Partnership with Altis.

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