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Partner Spotlight: Similarweb

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Posted by Jade Engelbrecht

Partnerships Manager

Published in News, and Partnerships

Altis is proudly partnered with Similarweb, a global leader in digital analytics. Similarweb works with globally influential clients like eBay, Google, and Nike, enabling these companies to analyse their competitive landscapes to optimise growth strategies across the web, mobile web, and app ecosystems in order to win their markets.

Similarweb comprises a team of 1,000 people all around the world and is publicly traded on the NYSE. They analyse data for a staggering 100 million websites, 3 million brands, 4.7 million mobile apps, and 1 billion search terms in over 210 industries. 

Altis’ partnership with Similarweb helps our customers lift the overall performance of their websites. By pairing the benefits of intricate competitive insights and key metric analytics with the digital experience tools – like content personalisation and experimentation – brought to WordPress by Altis, users are able to take their digital marketing to an unprecedented level.

With Altis Marketing Experience products and Similarweb Digital Intelligence, businesses have a powerful website and digital marketing combination!

Guy Weigert, VP of Global Partnerships, similarweb

“Understand what’s working for your competitors through industry benchmarking, and see how your business stacks up,” says VP of Global Partnerships, Guy Weigert. “We provide all the insights to optimize your website performance and stay a few steps ahead of the competition! Keep it fresh and know what marketing mix resonates most with your target audience.”

Learn more about Similarweb’s partnership with Altis, or check out the entire Altis Partnership Network.

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