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Accelerating Time To Market With Open Source Software

Posted by Caspar Hübinger

Digital Marketer

Published in Open Source

In our article on total cost of ownership (TCO), we discussed the financial benefits of using open source software, like WordPress, to power complex digital experiences. In this post, we’re looking at the other side to this coin: time to market.

Time to market (TTM) is a term for the period of time between the first ideas around a product and its eventual availability on consumer markets. Companies use the time to market metric to evaluate how products are developed and how a specific project handles external competition.

Accelerating time to market

A key factor for accelerating time to market, or speed to market, is streamlined success measurement. You not only need to roll out product iterations fast, but you must also be able to gain meaningful insights into customer engagement and product performance.

If access to project success data is blocked by a limited number of license seats, or content experimentation requires collaboration across a number of different tools and formats, the pace of development suffers inevitably.

In addition, both IT costs and potential security risks can go up significantly if the only way out of technical debt for a team is to patch together manual embeds from a plethora of separate tools and microservices.

Time to market & data security: ensure robust backup & recovery

Any server outage carries a serious risk for potential data loss or exposure, which can cause customers to panic and lose trust in your organization. Data loss can also result in a breach of data protection laws and real financial losses.

Time to market & marketing: deliver personalized customer experience, fast

Third-party solutions for content experimentation and personalization are legion in the marketplace, but integration, customization, and meeting privacy requirements can disrupt a team’s agility and slow down time to market as a result.

Even more often, the publishing experience does not keep up with enterprise-level expectations for state-of-the-art content management and experimentation. Speed to market decreases if content creation and publication workflows are spread across multiple formats and varying user experiences.


Automate, iterate, and execute faster than you’ve ever done before

Streamline marketing collaboration

Altis’ extensible, modular platform architecture provides built-in, customizable collaborative workflows, including editorial comments and notifications to email and third-party APIs like Slack.

Drive user engagement

Altis lets you easily identify successful conversion paths and flag opportunities for optimization. Create custom experiments, measure, and iterate rapidly to improve the user experience and drive value for your customers.

Digital marketing your team can enjoy

Integrated into a best-in-class publishing experience, Altis puts SEO, A/B testing, ML-powered headline optimization, and full-fledged content personalization at your team’s fingertips – with a single login and consistently delightful user experience.

Add new features in a snap

A repository of pre-approved extensions facilitates plug-and-play solutions for common enterprise extensions like event management, or e-commerce. 

Prevent the threat of data loss

It is crucial you ensure system availability to prevent actual data loss should a file become unavailable. Altis has 99.9999% availability and 99.9999% durability, which means you’re protected from any permanent damage.

Quick disaster recovery

If something happens that could bring your site down, you’ll want to ensure you can quickly restore and recover your data. Altis has 24/7 application monitoring, instantly alerting to issues and triggering an escalation process to ensure they are dealt with immediately.