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PHP 7.4 security support is ending; here’s what that means for Altis

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Posted by Vesela Lalova

Product Owner

Published in News, and Product

PHP forms the foundation of both WordPress and Altis. While we offer support for our users wherever possible, once support for a version of PHP reaches end-of-life, we are no longer able to address Altis issues that arise from that PHP version. 

On 28 November 2022, security support for PHP 7.4 will come to an end.

This means that all Altis users who would like to be on a security-supported PHP version will need to upgrade to at least Altis v12 by this date. This version supports PHP 8.0 and some of the most recent developments in the language. You can check your Altis and PHP version compatibility here.

Support for earlier versions of Altis will continue per the schedule published here, however, from 28 November we will no longer be able to provide assistance on issues caused by older PHP versions.

How do I upgrade to Altis v12?

To upgrade to Altis v12, follow this guide provided in the Altis documentation. Altis v13 is also scheduled for release in late October, which will continue support for PHP 8.0.

Learn more about what’s included in Altis v12 here.