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Altis 6: Experience Block Analytics

Altis 4 Release Notes

Posted by Priya Bhatia

Product Manager

Published in Releases

Altis v6 continues our commitment to giving marketers and editors the tools they need to reach their target audiences with intelligent personalised content.

Harness the power of Experience Block Analytics integrated directly in the platform to better understand what personalised content is resonating with your audience segments. Connect the dots through the rest of your marketing ecosystem by analysing your data in a wide range of business tools for more advanced insights. Accelerate data-driven decision making to further delight your audiences.

Accurately measure the performance of your personalised content

Altis’ proprietary feature Experience Blocks is designed to help editors and marketers build reusable content that is highly personalised for targeted audiences. We’re the only WordPress-based solution on the market today with native personalization built into the platform. This feature also supports measuring engagement and how that personalized content performed. 

Simply put, Experience Block Analytics show how a specific audience interacted with the personalised content that was presented to them on the website. Altis platform users can now set conversion goals directly within Experience Blocks, measure performance and further optimise their customers’ experience with better personalised content based on results!

Out of the box, the following conversion goals are supported:

  • Impressions (the number of Experience Block views as a percentage of total page views)
  • Clicking any link in the Experience Block’s content
  • Submitting a form

Custom conversion goals can also be registered in PHP or Javascript, enabling the creation of a wide range of analytics directly tied to your key metrics. For example, some custom web browser interaction goals could include: 

  • Percentage of the page the user scrolled down
  • Video played
  • Time spent on page

Export analytics data for your BI tools

Altis now provides the ability to export analytics data in JSON or CSV format, allowing you to pipeline data into your existing BI tooling for advanced insights.

This functionality enables you to export raw data to a wide range of external tools such as Google Data Studio or Business Intelligence software like Tableau or Power BI, where further analysis could be performed using your Altis data. 

Altis Privacy Module

Centralise data privacy and consent across all your sites

Altis v6 features an updated Privacy Policy page that now provides a website administrator with a centralized and consistent way of obtaining data privacy consent from their website’s users and visitors. This page enables consent management and building a no-code cookie consent banner. 

Discover the new Privacy Settings page:

Data privacy consent refers to how a user’s data is tracked, collected, and stored when they visit a website. GDPR regulations mandate that organisations need user consent before they can collect or use any visitor data. To comply with GDPR regulations, it has become critical for organisations to have strong user data privacy and cookie policies. Altis’ consent management tools allow you to manage user privacy from a centralised privacy policy page. 

The privacy policy page helps you to create a cookie consent banner, update your privacy and cookie policy, set banner options and messaging – all out of the box. With the available banner options, users can choose what data can be collected by the website. The module lets you manage first party cookies and can be configured to manage third party cookies as well.

WordPress 5.6 makes sharing your stories easier than ever before

Altis v6 now supports WordPress 5.6 “Simone,” which puts the block editor front and centre and offers greater layout flexibility, more block patterns, and better video captioning.

If you wish to read more about the release, we wrote about it earlier this month and this article on WordPress’ core blog goes into even more detail if you’re interested.

Developer features

Enhanced development environments

Altis v6 supports the Local Server and Local Chassis which are both now using PHP 7.4, so development teams can run PHP 7.4 locally and resolve any issues that may come up before major infrastructure changes are implemented.

Custom origin routing

Altis v6 now supports routing CDN requests to custom external origins, providing the ability to integrate third-party frontends, enhancing support for headless applications. This allows deploying JavaScript-based applications to providers like Vercel alongside your existing Altis sites.