How we stopped a large-scale DDoS attack

As a cloud hosting provider for high-traffic sites, security and availability are among our highest priorities. The biggest threat to both comes from malicious traffic, usually DDoS attacks. These attacks…

Wisdom Hambolu
Cloud Engineer

Step-by-Step: Incident Management Workflow Set-Up

Every organization, big and small, has to deal with what happens when something goes wrong. From small companies with bespoke workflows all the way up to enterprises with ITSM processes…

Ryan McCue
Product Director

Core Web Vitals for WordPress in 2022: What Marketers Need to Know

When compared to the deep and storied SEO history, the notion of Core Web Vitals is relatively new to the website optimization game. In short, Core Web Vitals allow companies…

Corey Brown
Content Marketing Manager

Supporting Apple Silicon with Altis DXP

One year ago Apple released their first computer using their ARM-based Apple M1 processors to much fanfare. With macOS being such a popular choice for developers (and more so WordPress…

Joe Hoyle
Chief Technical Officer

Docker in Docker: Simplifying Altis Code Development

From the beginning, Altis has tried to make local development workflows simple and powerful. From the very first version, we shipped two full local development environments: one based off the…

Joe Hoyle
Chief Technical Officer