Jazz and the Art of Contributing to WordPress 5.6

As an open source product, WordPress is made, and refined in a community of volunteers and enthusiasts who collaborate across time and space not just as engineers on the codebase,…

Dee Teal
Senior Project Manager

Docker in Docker: Simplifying Altis Code Development

From the beginning, Altis has tried to make local development workflows simple and powerful. From the very first version, we shipped two full local development environments: one based off the…

Joe Hoyle
Chief Technical Officer

Altis 5: Improved Discovery

Much improved discovery capabilities, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Better search means happier users, a better understanding of customer intent and ultimately increasing engagement.

Joe Hoyle
Chief Technical Officer

Accelerating Time To Market With Open Source Software

In our article on total cost of ownership (TCO), we discussed the financial benefits of using open source software, like WordPress, to power complex digital experiences. In this post, we’re…

Caspar Hübinger
Digital Marketer

Altis 4: Welcome to native personalization

Featuring improved technical capabilities for enhanced search, better performance tooling, and faster, more secure automated code review. Release highlights Native personalization for WordPress Create and manage reusable Experience Blocks for…

Ana Silva
Marketing Manager